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Book an On-site massage 

At Wild Life Cabins we want you to enjoy your off-grid adventure and leave the Grampians fully revived and refreshed.


Thats is why we have partnered with local Massage Therapist Liana from The Solar Outpost.

Liana will perform her amazing full body massage right in front of your cabin under the trees.

You can even soak in the outdoor wood-fired bath after your massage if you wish.

Massage provides us with space to relax into our body. It benefits us by releasing tension and improving our blood circulation throughout out body.

Liana specialises in remedial massage and relaxation massage. She will entwine the two so you get the best of both worlds.

Remedial massage gives a focus to a specific area. Each stroke has the intention of creating space in the tension of muscles.

Relaxation massage allows you to melt into your body, to slow down and unwind.

Every massage is incorporated with Gua Sha - an ancient eastern technique that stimulates the skin to help it relax and improve elasticity.

What a truely unique and luxurious experience.

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